LibreOffice Conference 2022

Armin Le Grand
  • LibreOffice graphics subsystems - History & Visions
Balazs Varga

My name is Balázs Varga and I am a software engineer. I live in Budapest, Hungary since 2016. I have started developing LibreOffice since the beginning of 2018, mostly the Calc module. In that time I had some break (working on other projects at different software development companies) about LibreOffice developing, from the end of last year to June 2022, when I started to work on LibreOffice again at the Allotropia Software GmbH.

  • Improving LibreOffice Calc
Caolán McNamara

Principal Software Engineer and Red Hat, Inc.

  • Using resolution independent positions for writer's screen-rendering of text
  • coverity/ossfuzz/crashtesting
DaeHyun Sung

I'm LibreOffice Korean Team leader, contributor, and translator. also, I'm GNOME & KDE Korean Contributor and GNOME Korean Translator. I contributed some FLOSS, such as, GNU libunistring, LibreOffice, KDE, GNOME. Also, I'm TDF Membership and GNOME Foundation Member in Korea and openSUSE Asia Organization Korean member. I'm interested in Open Source related things (Development, Translation, Contribution, Communities), East Asian Languages (such as Korean dialects, Japanese, Chinese, Manchu, Mongolian, etc), East Asian cultural sphere. My hobby is learning Languages such as English, Japanese (日本語), Mandarin Chinese (華語, 漢語 / 汉语), etc.

  • State of Korea in Libreoffice and promote future plans
Eyal Rozenberg

In LO: Active member of the Hebrew and Arabic/Farsi language communities, and the RTL channel/users group; bug reporter and triager.

Otherwise: GPU Enthusiast, retired union organizer, Thunderbird extension developer, semi-retired computer science researcher, analytic DBMS architecture buff, Anarchist anti-Zionist.

Find me at:

  • The state of Right-to-Left language support in LibreOffice
  • Please anonymize my document!
  • Five things we could do to help LO language communities flourish
Gabor Kelemen

A longtime free software activist, currently QA engineer at allotropia GmBH and deputy member of the TDF board of directors.

  • State of interoperability - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Gabriele Ponzo

An early adopter from the StarOffice days, joined Progetto Linguistico Italiano OpenOffice during the 2009 Conference in Orvieto, and has been part of community until LibreOffice was born. Training, professional word-processing and support are his most common activities and he's been working on LibreUmbria and LibreDifesa projects as a teacher.

He is a founder of LibreItalia, where he's also in the Board of Directors as vice president. His contributions are mostly speaking at conferences, some translations, and user support on the Italian and international mailing lists.

Certified TDF Trainer and Migration Expert from February 2015.

  • TDF's Membership Committee: how does it work
  • Push Writer to its limits and see how behaves
Gustavo Pacheco

Member of the Latin American Conference core team and member of TDF Membership Committee.

  • LibreOffice Conference Latin America - Second Edition

Hossein Nourikhah is the Developer Community Architect at the Document Foundation (TDF). Hossein is a developer, university lecturer and FOSS advocate. He has a Ph.D. and a M.Sc. in Information Technology, and a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering (Software).

  • Arabic/Persian Text Justification: An Overview
Ilmari Lauhakangas

Development Marketing at The Document Foundation

  • We keep the wiki squeaky clean
Italo Vignoli
  • Opening Session
  • State of the Project
  • Open Discussion
  • Welcome & Logistics
  • Hacking Session C
  • Hacking Session D
  • Community Meeting A
  • Certification Workshop
  • Hacking Session A
  • Hacking Session B
  • Community Meeting B
  • LibreOffice: improve the project sustainability
  • Closing Session
Jan Holesovsky

Jan (also known as Kendy) is with LibreOffice since the very first day, but he started contributing to already in 2003. He was involved in development of many parts of LibreOffice - the KDE integration, x86-64 port, DOCX export, user interface and usability in general, and more.

Jan works for Collabora Productivity as a People Development Manager, and serves the community as a Member of the TDF Board of Directors.

  • A year of LibreOffice at Collabora
Jean-Pierre Ledure

Engineer in Applied Mathematics
Middle and senior management in IT managed services and system integration
LibreOffice: Access2Base, BaseDocumenter, ScriptForge

  • Is ScriptForge really a scam ?
Koji Annoura

Koji Annoura has over 40 years of experience as a full-stack developer.
He has been working with agile since 2009 and is one of the founders of the Neo4j Users Group Tokyo/Japan.
And He also founder of the Apache Hop User Group Japan since 2021.
He has been involved in the agile transformation of many companies and teams, and has been involved in the implementation of agile and scrum.
He is one of the authors of "The Practical Guide to MacOS X Server".

  • Let's try NLP of Klingon language using LibreOffice!
  • Let's calculate with Math using MathType and Mathematica
  • Using graph theory, let's look at the addition, modification, and removal of features in all versions of LibreOffice.
Lothar Becker

Lothar is a long term contributor and member of The Document Foundation. He is with over 20 years of experience in person certified as LibreOffice Senior Migration Consultant and Senior Trainer and is Co-chairing the certification committee of TDF. He was the chairman of the Board of TDF in 2020 to 2022.

  • LibreOffice Certification Program - Why and How to get a certified trainer/migrator/developer?
Luboš Luňák

Luboš Luňák is a software developer with many years of C++ experience. Having previously worked for years on the KDE project, he now works for Collabora Productivity on LibreOffice. His specialities are benchmarking and optimizing, build tools, bug fixing and magic tricks.

  • Reducing Build Time (2022)
  • Designing better API
Marco Marinello

Open source evangelist based in Bolzano. IT Entrepreneur, technical partner of the FUSS project, president of the Linux User Group of Bolzano, member of the document foundation.
(Linux) System administrator and integrator, full stack developer focused on making people life’s easier.

  • An introduction to the DaaS project
  • Proteus, a new open source tool to manage member applications
Michael Meeks

Michael is a Christian and enthusiastic Open Source developer. He runs Collabora's Office division, leading our Collabora Online and Office products, supporting customers and partners alongside our extremely talented team. He has served as a Director of the The Document Foundation and has contributed to both ODF and OOXML standardization. Prior to Collabora he gained a wide experience as a Novell/SUSE Distinguished Engineer working on various pieces of Free Software infrastructure across the Linux stack to from the base-system, boot-time, MeeGo, GNOME, CORBA, Nautilus, Evolution and Open Source accessibility, among others.

  • Sponsor Keynote Collabora
  • The ongoing story of Online
Michael Stahl

Joined the Sun Hamburg Writer team in 2007, and quarreling with various parts of OOo/LO since then; nowadays fixing bugs our customers need fixed in LibreOffice, employed by allotropia software GmbH.

  • ODF interoperability improvements
Miklos Vajna

Learn more about the ESC here:

  • Content controls in Writer
  • Meet the Engineering Steering Committee (ESC)
Noel Grandin

is a programmer from Cape Town, South Africa.

  • A modest and unassuming proposal
Regina Henschel

I worked as a teacher of mathematics and computer science before I retired. I have been using LibreOffice and its predecessors for more than 20 years. My involvement started with user support and writing documentation as well as reviewing bug reports and testing new features. Since about 10 years I also contribute to the code, first in Calc then mainly in Draw. In parallel, I have been a member of the ODF standards committee since 2013.

So LibreOffice is my hobby. My focus of interest is currently on shapes.

  • Creating 'Fontwork' geometries beyond the predefined shapes
  • Introduction to feature "limo-stretch" of shapes
Samuel Mehrbrodt

Working on LibreOffice for allotropia.

  • Extending Windows Taskbar Actions with custom Jump Lists
Sarper Akdemir

Sarper Akdemir participated in GSoC 2020 working on LibreOffice. Currently employed as an intern at Collabora Productivity and a student at Istanbul Technical University.

  • Chasing an Interoperability Bug in Impress
Shinji Enoki

Shinji Enoki is a member of LibreOffice Japanese Team since 2011. He is a member of The Document Foundation since 2014, Membership Committee deputy since 2020. He manages events, organizes the Japanese community, and sometimes does QA activities. His other community activities is a vice-chairperson of Japan UNIX Society and a volunteer staff of KANSAI OPEN SOURCE, and more. He is freelance, and he is developing LibreOffice support business with iCRAFT Corp.

  • State of CJK issues of LibreOffice, 2022 edition
Stephan Bergmann

Working on the LibreOffice source code for Red Hat, Inc.

  • Jenkins Goes for a Kill
Svante Schubert

Svante work focuses on Document Formats, especially the OpenDocument Format, where he is at the OASIS ODF TC a co-chair and a co-editor. He aims to enable collaboration for the "Office world" by defining changes and helping merges. His other hobby is e-invoices & e-receipts (also XML), where he is aco-editor at CEN TC 434 for the EU e-invoice standard EN16931.

  • News from the TDF ODF Toolkit!
Thorsten Behrens


  • Sponsor Keynote Allotropia
  • GSoC 2022 panel
  • News from the WASM front - Calc and headless operations
  • Maintaining a complex OOo/LibO Java extension over 15 years
  • LibreOffice continuous integration improvements and suggestions
Tomaž Vajngerl

Tomaž is a software engineer from Maribor, Slovenia. He started working on LibreOffice as volunteer in 2012 and later joined Collabora Productivity to hack on LibreOffice as my full-time job.

  • Sparklines and chart data tables - new features in Calc
Uwe Altmann

Started engagement with German community in the beginning of the 2000nds and still here, today serving as a substitute member of the Membership Committee.
In real life, I studied Psychology (mostly biostatistics), but ended up in IT business as head of a software development unit. Today I'm part-time self-employed helping small businesses to get along with their IT. The rest of the time I am preparing for retirement :-)

  • Decidim Demo
  • TDF Team Workshop
  • Proteus, a new open source tool to manage member applications
Vasily Melenchuk
  • Improving Structured Document Text (SDT) support in Writer
Xisco Fauli

QA Engineer at TDF

  • Scraping the crashreport website
  • Test coverage in LibreOffice