LibreOffice Conference 2022

Shinji Enoki

Shinji Enoki is a member of LibreOffice Japanese Team since 2011. He is a member of The Document Foundation since 2014, Membership Committee deputy since 2020. He manages events, organizes the Japanese community, and sometimes does QA activities. His other community activities is a vice-chairperson of Japan UNIX Society and a volunteer staff of KANSAI OPEN SOURCE, and more. He is freelance, and he is developing LibreOffice support business with iCRAFT Corp.

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State of CJK issues of LibreOffice, 2022 edition
Shinji Enoki

The LibreOffice project is aimed at multilingualism, as stated in The Document Foundation's "Our Values" of "Our Next Decade Manifesto" that anyone can translate so that everyone can use it in their mother tongue.

However, LibreOffice developers are mostly in Europe, and in order to use them conveniently in other languages, those who understand those languages need to solve the problem. LibreOffice's CJK and problems unique to the Japanese environment are various such as vertical writing, external characters, phonetic, currency and date notation.

CJK bugs are also sometimes regression bugs. Therefore it is important to test development versions. In some cases, feedback received in Japanese on the ASK led to bug reports.

In this year's talk, As the first, I will introduce some reported and fixed CJK bugs in the past year. Secondly, introduce some not fixed old CJK bugs. Thirdly, analyze the bug database and introduce the trend.

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