LibreOffice Conference 2022

Jan Holesovsky

Jan (also known as Kendy) is with LibreOffice since the very first day, but he started contributing to already in 2003. He was involved in development of many parts of LibreOffice - the KDE integration, x86-64 port, DOCX export, user interface and usability in general, and more.

Jan works for Collabora Productivity as a People Development Manager, and serves the community as a Member of the TDF Board of Directors.

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A year of LibreOffice at Collabora
Jan Holesovsky

Come and hear what features has Collabora implemented in the LibreOffice core, as part of our customer support, Collabora Online work, or just because of our love of the LibreOffice code.

This talk will give an overview with screenshots, without too many technicalities. Other Collabora engineers may address the technical details in their own separate presentations.

Development, APIs, Extensions, Future Technology