Using configuration extensions to automatic preferred defaults
2023-09-21, 15:30–16:00 (Europe/Bucharest), Room 1

Setting good program defaults is key to a smooth migration to LibreOffice. LibreOffice allows you to customize them for your particular situation via easy-to-deploy configuration extensions.

A common sysadmin task is to provide good defaults. LibreOffice settings
can be managed with a shared extension installed by the sysadmin that overrides
builtin defaults, allowing either IT-locked values, or setting corporate defaults that still allow the user to override with their own perferences.

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Justin began fixing interoperability LibreOffice bugs in 2014 as his small office prepared to migrate from end-of-life Office 2003 to LibreOffice. A standardized deployment configured by extensions was a key contributor to the successful rollout.

Justin now works half time for Collabora Productivity.

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