Keyboard navigation in forms / VBA macros managing forms
2023-09-22, 17:40–17:45 (Europe/Bucharest), Room 1

Showcase recent changes in LibreOffice for navigating, designing, and automating forms with content controls.

Content controls are the modern method of fields used for creating data entry forms. LibreOffice can now circularly navigate between the fields using the tab key. A tabIndex property, which allows for precise ordering of keyboard navigation, also allows a control to be skipped - which is useful to avoid getting stuck in rich text controls (since the tab key needs to insert a tab character in that case). Form developers can specify the tabIndex via the content control properties UI.
The content controls can also be managed with VBA macros, and the UI allows the VBA programmer to easily identify the ID of each control.

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Justin began fixing interoperability LibreOffice bugs in 2014 as his small office prepared to migrate from end-of-life Office 2003 to LibreOffice. A standardized deployment configured by extensions was a key contributor to the successful rollout.

Justin now works half time for Collabora Productivity.

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