LibreOffice Conference 2022

Designing better API
2022-09-29, 15:30–16:00 (Europe/Rome), Ricci

The LibreOffice codebase is large and with a long history. Reading and understanding existing code may be difficult. This applies to reading code one is not familiar with, but also also to working with familiar code if the API is poorly designed. This talk will show some specific cases of poor API in LibreOffice, discuss ways of how to make it better, and will try to provide some general recommendations to keep in mind when writing code.

Luboš Luňák is a software developer with many years of C++ experience. Having previously worked for years on the KDE project, he now works for Collabora Productivity on LibreOffice. His specialities are benchmarking and optimizing, build tools, bug fixing and magic tricks.

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