LibreOffice Conference 2022

LibreOffice Certification Program - Why and How to get a certified trainer/migrator/developer?
2022-09-30, 10:00–10:30 (Europe/Rome), Loyola

The Document Foundation runs a dedicated Certification Program which is designed in a special and unique way not comparable with other programs in the productivity tools environment. How it looks like, why it is of interest for professional user environments as well as for eco system service provider will be presented in the talk.

The need for professional services around LibreOffice and its deployment in professional environments is growing worldwide. In this environments it is of absolute relevance of the successful migration and user acceptance to have quality proven service provider aside for developing tasks e.g. for integration or to train all users in all possibilities of the new office suite. The Document Foundation cares about such needs with its certification program for migration consultants, trainers and developers to support such need for successful professional environments. And it is a platform for exchange know-how and help areas to grow its local eco system with it. The talk will introduce the Why and How and discuss a future aspects of the program and how you get in contact with those who run it in TDF.

See also: Slides of the talk

Lothar is a long term contributor and member of The Document Foundation. He is with over 20 years of experience in person certified as LibreOffice Senior Migration Consultant and Senior Trainer and is Co-chairing the certification committee of TDF. He was the chairman of the Board of TDF in 2020 to 2022.