LibreOffice Conference 2022

News from the TDF ODF Toolkit!
2022-09-30, 15:30–16:00 (Europe/Rome), Loyola

The ODF Toolkit is a set of Java modules that allow programmatic creation, scanning and manipulation of Open Document Format, which is being developed under OASIS (ISO/IEC 26300 == ODF) documents. Unlike other approaches which rely on runtime manipulation of heavy-weight editors via an automation interface, the ODF Toolkit is lightweight and ideal for server use.

In this session Svante being co-maintainer and co-chair of the OASIS ODF TC will give an update on what has been done and is going to be planned for the future!

See also: Presentation with Notes

Svante work focuses on Document Formats, especially the OpenDocument Format, where he is at the OASIS ODF TC a co-chair and a co-editor. He aims to enable collaboration for the "Office world" by defining changes and helping merges. His other hobby is e-invoices & e-receipts (also XML), where he is aco-editor at CEN TC 434 for the EU e-invoice standard EN16931.