LibreOffice Conference 2022

Improving LibreOffice Calc
2022-09-30, 11:00–11:30 (Europe/Rome), Ricci

What developments have taken place in Calc since 2020 by me. (Charts, autofilter, standard filter, named ranges, etc.)

Introducing some of my developments in Calc since 2020. (My last presentation was in Almeria autumn 2019.) Also introducing the future plans about Calc developing.

See also: Slides of the talk

My name is Balázs Varga and I am a software engineer. I live in Budapest, Hungary since 2016. I have started developing LibreOffice since the beginning of 2018, mostly the Calc module. In that time I had some break (working on other projects at different software development companies) about LibreOffice developing, from the end of last year to June 2022, when I started to work on LibreOffice again at the Allotropia Software GmbH.