LibreOffice Conference 2022

Proteus, a new open source tool to manage member applications
2022-10-01, 10:00–10:30 (Europe/Rome), Auditorium

Proteus is a new open source software tool TDFs membership committee has developed to manage the application process for members of the so-called board of trustees of the TDF ("members" in short). Because membership is only granted for one year, there is a constant flow of (re-)applications which need to be managed. This session shows the tool, how it works, and how it can be adapted to the need of other communities with a similar structure.

Started engagement with German community in the beginning of the 2000nds and still here, today serving as a substitute member of the Membership Committee.
In real life, I studied Psychology (mostly biostatistics), but ended up in IT business as head of a software development unit. Today I'm part-time self-employed helping small businesses to get along with their IT. The rest of the time I am preparing for retirement :-)

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Open source evangelist based in Bolzano. IT Entrepreneur, technical partner of the FUSS project, president of the Linux User Group of Bolzano, member of the document foundation.
(Linux) System administrator and integrator, full stack developer focused on making people life’s easier.

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