LibreOffice Conference 2022

The ongoing story of Online
2022-09-29, 16:00–17:00 (Europe/Rome), Loyola

How does LibreOffice work ? how can it be that such great software is created and then given away for free to so many ? how does the amazing blend of altruism and commercial interest from our contributors fit together to produce what we have today?

Come hear a bit of the back-story of how the code-base exists economically and get answers to these important questions.

Hear the history of LibreOffice in the browser - from it's pre-historic past as StarPortal, through gtk-broadway prototypes, to what we see today. Hear about the various projects and re-factors necessary, as well as intersecting features crucial for things to work well.

Hear the critical blockers on the journey, and the many who funded and enabled a very diverse set of suppliers to create Collabora Online and to deliver LibreOffice Technology to both the browser and mobile devices in this form.

Lastly we'll look at options for the future, and discuss the status quo - please bring some ideas & your thinking cap.

Michael is a Christian and enthusiastic Open Source developer. He runs Collabora's Office division, leading our Collabora Online and Office products, supporting customers and partners alongside our extremely talented team. He has served as a Director of the The Document Foundation and has contributed to both ODF and OOXML standardization. Prior to Collabora he gained a wide experience as a Novell/SUSE Distinguished Engineer working on various pieces of Free Software infrastructure across the Linux stack to from the base-system, boot-time, MeeGo, GNOME, CORBA, Nautilus, Evolution and Open Source accessibility, among others.

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