A new open source tool for managing applications: The new Membership Commitee's web-tool
2021-09-23, 15:00–15:30, Room 3

To ease the work of TDFs Membership Committee (MC), we decided to develop a web based tool to conduct the whole process of getting a member (or renew the membership) of the TDF. This tool is available under a free license and may be useful also for others. The talk will showcase the tool and process supported, as well as the options to modify process' parameters.

Volunteer to LibreOffice (mainly wiki and infra), in the MC for 3 years.

Starting about 1970 with programming, IT was always a companion of my life. At last this ended up in being engaged since around 15 years in the German-speaking OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice communities, starting with QA on macOS (X11 version) and helping to represent the project at CeBit, later as a member of the Freies Office e.V. (the founder of TDF) and working in several areas over time. Today, I'm mostly engaged in governance of The Document Foundation; besides my job on the MC I try to help the Board to develop a successor for the "Next Decade Manifesto", which served well for the first ten years as a vision for the community.