Uwe Altmann

Starting about 1970 with programming, IT was always a companion of my life. At last this ended up in being engaged since around 15 years in the German-speaking OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice communities, starting with QA on macOS (X11 version) and helping to represent the project at CeBit, later as a member of the Freies Office e.V. (the founder of TDF) and working in several areas over time. Today, I'm mostly engaged in governance of The Document Foundation; besides my job on the MC I try to help the Board to develop a successor for the "Next Decade Manifesto", which served well for the first ten years as a vision for the community.


A new open source tool for managing applications: The new Membership Commitee's web-tool
Dennis Roczek, Uwe Altmann

To ease the work of TDFs Membership Committee (MC), we decided to develop a web based tool to conduct the whole process of getting a member (or renew the membership) of the TDF. This tool is available under a free license and may be useful also for others. The talk will showcase the tool and process supported, as well as the options to modify process' parameters.

Room 3