Converting LibreOffice Guides into Web Pages
2021-09-24, 17:00–17:30, Room 3

We present the results of porting the LibreOffice User Guides into web pages aiming to be accessible from a wider set of devices. The do's and dont's of word processing practices as well as the necessary tweaks in the resulting documents will be addressed.

LibreOffice set of user guides is a valuable piece of documentation and uses the best of LibreOffice word processor to create printable books. Nevertheless we expect many users to enjoy reading our guides in browsers or even tablets and it is our wish that these web pages get properly indexed by search engines. The presentation will show the necessary changes in the guide chapters formatting and editing practices, discuss the consequences and address the issues found. Furthermore we will show the current results in the HTML export, and set landmarks for development of better HTML5 export.

LibreOffice Documentation Coordinator, main LibreOffice translator for Brazilian Portuguese.

Graduated Electronic Engineer in 1982, MSc in Digital Signal Processing in 1985 and MBA in Oil
& Gas industry in 2001. He initiated his career as Associate Researcher for digital signal processing
in the IBM Scientific Center in Brasilia, Brazil, for the Oil & Gas industry in seismic data
processing and high performance computing. Later he moved to marketing and sales for the same
industry all over Latin America. In 1998 he joined Oracle Brazil in sales for the Oil & Gas industry
and later as Alliance relationship manager for large hardware manufacturers as well as with the
Oracle Academic Initiative. Since 2002 and on his own, he participated actively in FLOSS projects
notably in as Community Council member and as one of the translators of for Brazilian Portuguese.