Announcement about LibreOffice Certification
2021-09-23, 14:00–14:30 (Europe/Berlin), Room 1

LibreOffice Certification was established in 2014, for Developers, Migration Professionals and Professional Trainers. We are now announcing the second generation of the project, with a stepped process for Migration Professionals and Professional Trainers, which are now supposed to go through the basic LibreOffice Certification by following online training to access the certification review. This is supposed to make it easy for people outside the project to get certified, even if at basic level, leaving the Professional level to people with more experience and skills. In addition, we will announce Professional Trainer Certification for single applications like Writer and Calc.

Italo Vignoli is a founding member of The Document Foundation and the LibreOffice project, an Open Source Initiative (OSI) board member, and the Chairman Emeritus of Associazione LibreItalia. He co-leads LibreOffice marketing, PR and media relations, co-chairs the certification program, and is a spokesman for the project.

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