Using multicolor gradients in Basic macros
2023-09-21, 15:00–15:30 (Europe/Bucharest), Room 2

LibreOffice 7.6 has the new feature "Multicolor gradient". This presentation explains how to use the multicolor gradients in Basic macros.

The talk shows where the new "Multicolor gradients" feature appears in the API and shows in examples, how a multicolor gradient can be altered using macros. This includes treating transparency gradients, which have more then two stops. You need not know much about BASIC, but should not wonder about 'dim', 'if', 'sub' and so on.

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I have been involved with LibreOffice and its predecessors for more than twenty-five years. I started with user support and bug reporting, now I am a "certified" developer. Graphics are my main interest. I am not associated with any company, but LibreOffice is my hobby.

I have been a member of the ODF technical committee for ten years . During this time, the committee has developed ODF 1.3. Meanwhile, the development of version 1.4 of the standard is in its final phase.

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