Expediting the Brazilian Portuguese Documentation Process.
2021-09-24, 16:30–17:00 (Europe/Berlin), Room 3

The Brazilian Portuguese team has developed a quicker process than former ones. With changes in the translation process, by using machine translation, creating a chat group, and finally a weekly one-hour online meeting, the Brazilian documentation team has been able to expedite the translation and publication process. This process will be expounded upon in hopes of being an inspiration and encouragement to many around the globe.

With the speed in which the LibreOffice software has been developing, keeping the documentation updated can be quite a challenge. The Brazilian project team has been implementing some very practical and efficient changes that have helped expedite the process.
Translation, revision and publication is a much more involving process than one can imagine. There are many challenges in both language translation, concept translation and much more.
This presentation will share where the Brazilian team is today, what the results have been, and the challenges we still have before us.

Timothy originated from an American (USA) family, but was raised in Brazil like his parents. He is fluent in both US English and Brazilian Portuguese besides being a dual, American and Brazilian, citizen. He is also an open source software enthusiast knowing the value of having freely available tools for high level learning.
He is married to a beautiful young Brazilian lady and has a son and a daughter with her who are also dual citizens and fluent in both languages.