Some improvements for the SVG export filter
2021-09-23, 16:00–16:20 (Europe/Berlin), Room 1

Latest improvements for the SVG export filters include the support for presentation with slide background represented by bitmaps. The slide background can also be made up of tiles where each tile is represented by a bitmap or a given pattern. The support for such kinds of backgrounds has been implemented in a resource safe way: minimizing both the exported file size and the impact on the browser rendering performance.

I am from Italy, I studied Mathematics at University of Pisa.

I contributed to several open source project, Inkscape, Visual Toolkit (VTK) and (obviously) LibreOffice.
One of my best project was implemented on Google Summer of code where I, partially, ported the Impress animation engine from C++ to Javascript so that was possible to export a presentation to an SVG document, with all included effects and slide transitions running in any enough modern browser.

I am working as a software engineer at Collabora by 6 years. I contribute to bug fixing, and implementing news feature both for the Desktop and Online version of LibreOffice.