Getting the word out - to users and to potential contributors
2021-09-24, 15:00–15:30 (Europe/Berlin), Room 2

How are we reaching out to new users? And how are we getting new contributors on board? This talk will explain all...

It's great to have millions of users of LibreOffice, but the software doesn't just magically improve on its own. For a healthy future, we need to keep building a community of contributors and supporters. In this talk, we'll show what we've been doing at The Document Foundation in social media, in marketing and on our websites to raise awareness that LibreOffice is more than just software - it's a place for people to get together and do awesome things. But we'll also have plenty of time for discussions too - we want to hear your ideas!

Mike Saunders works since 2016 as Marketing and Community Coordinator for The Document Foundation. He is also a technology journalist covering free and open source software, and has written his own operating system, MikeOS.