Navigate easily through libreoffice code with Sourcetrail and Vscode
2021-09-24, 15:00–15:30 (Europe/Berlin), Room 1

Sometimes navigate in a large base of code is a pain. Use of Sourcetrail and Vscode IDE to navigate easily throught LibreOffice code. Demonstration, use case. Useful for beginner developer and occasional...

Sourcetrail is a free software which can help to understand LibreOffice classes and other products. Sourcetrail allows to graphically display Libreoffice classes in a more dynamically way than Doxygen. Coupled with Vscode, navigate easily in the LibreOffice code. (beginner level). Demonstration and use case. We try to identify classes and functions involved in a bug. This conference is specially for beginners. (probably boring for experienced developper). At the end of conference, you will be able to use Sourcetrail.

Work for a french company involved in free software, LibreOffice, Collabora support
Teacher for Arduino and other embedded technologies. Live in France.
Promote LibreOffice and use of opensource software.