Creating professional templates with LO Writer
2021-09-23, 15:30–16:00 (Europe/Berlin), Room 3

A brief panorama on how much important templates are and what can be done (and automated) inside them.

One of the tasks of my job is to create corporate templates. It is really important to spend the right amount of time on them, since they are the image of the entity (whatever kind of) to the public, and they usually last for decades. Knowing well the needs and requirements is possible to automate a lot of things, still without macros. But pushing so much Writer to its limits let us discover some minor bug or possible enhancements.

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An early adopter from the StarOffice days, joined Progetto Linguistico Italiano OpenOffice during the 2009 Conference in Orvieto, and has been part of community until LibreOffice was born. Training, professional wordprocessing and support are his most common activities and he's been working on LibreUmbria and LibreDifesa projects as a teacher.

He is a founder of LibreItalia, where he's also in the Board of Directors as vice president. His contributions are mostly speaking at conferences, some translations, and user support on the Italian and international mailing lists Certified TDF Trainer and Migration Expert from February 2015.