Koji Annoura

He is a member of the LibreOffice Japanese team.
He was awarded Graph Community MVP Asia 2020 for Neo4j Graph Database.
Currently, he is moving to development using Neo4j and GraphQL, a GRANDstack framework.
He attended LibreOffice Conference 2019 (Almeria, Spain) and participated in LT.
Also, he is a speaker at LibreOffice Kaigi 2021 Online.

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GraphQL Extension for LibreOffice
Koji Annoura

GraphQL is one of the API integration methods like REST.

When you are using Calc or Base, you can use GraphQL to retrieve and write data for more flexible input and output.

In this session, I would like to talk about how I implemented Extension, how it works, and what problems I have with it.

a) Development, APIs, Extensions, Future Technology
Room 1