Thorsten Behrens

Leading the LibreOffice Team at allotropia.

Thorsten was part of the project almost from the start when he joined the then-Sun Microsystems development team back in early 2001. He's a computer scientist by education, and a Free Software enthusiast by heart, a geek from early childhood - and someone who was lucky enough to turn a hobby into an occupation.
During his now twenty years of tenure in the project, he's spent most of his time hacking the code in areas ranging from the build system and platform abstraction libraries, through to Impress and Writer. Thorsten is a former co-lead of the late graphical system layer project, member of the OASIS ODF technical committee, and technical advisor on the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 34 working group 4.

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LibreOffice in the browser, live and in color!
Thorsten Behrens

Following-up from FOSDEM and last year, this talk provides an update, and an actual working demo, of LibreOffice ported to WASM & running in the browser!

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GSoC pannel
Thorsten Behrens

GSoc final panel just to reserve some space for their usual demonstration

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allotropia Keynote
Thorsten Behrens

Sponsor's Keynote by allotropia's Thorsten Behrens

a) Development, APIs, Extensions, Future Technology
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