DaeHyun Sung

I'm LibreOffice Korean Team leader, contributor, and translator. also, I'm GNOME & KDE Korean Contributor and GNOME Korean Translator. I contributed some FLOSS, such as, GNU libunistring, LibreOffice, KDE, GNOME. Also, I'm TDF Membership and GNOME Foundation Member in Korea and openSUSE Asia Organization Korean member. I'm interested in Open Source related things (Development, Translation, Contribution, Communities), East Asian Languages (such as Korean dialects, Japanese, Chinese, Manchu, Mongolian, etc), East Asian cultural sphere. My hobby is learning Languages such as English, Japanese (日本語), Mandarin Chinese (華語, 漢語 / 汉语), etc.

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The challenge of Using LibreOffice & Building Local Community in Korea
DaeHyun Sung

In South Korea, Both OWPML and ODF are a Document format standard as a public sector. But, In South Korea's academic field, the public & private sector, It is still using HWP as a document standard. They are still made and distributed in .hwp format. I'm a Full-time worker(Developer) & University student in Korea. This year, I transferred to Korea National Open University, major in Chinese Language & Literature. As a university student, I talk about the inconvenience of using ODF when making documents in Korea. Also, I introduce the activities of the LibreOffice community since 2020 in Korea.

f) Advocating, Promoting, Marketing LibreOffice
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